Business Jet

Gulfstream G650


Maximum number of passengers 18
Optimal number of passengers 12
Cruise speed (km/h) 982
Maximum flying height (m) 15 545
Maximum take-off weight (kg) 45 178
Flying range (km) 12 964
Aircraft length (m) 30,40
Aircraft height (m) 7,82
Wing span (m) 30,35
Baggage capacity (cbm) 5,52

About Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650 is a twin-engine business jet manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

The aircraft is capable of carrying from 11 to 18 passengers. The brand new G650 features fundamentally new fuselage sections which makes cabin wider and higher. With this aircraft the manufacturer has achieved an ambitious goal to create a new gold standard among traditional business jets: the longest range and highest speed, the most spacious cabin, the most advanced technologies, up to the largest windows and the lowest cabin altitude.

It was the G650 that pioneered the trend towards integrating smartphones and tablet computers to control interior functions. The cabin itself has become the most spacious among traditional business jets, and the windows enlarged relative to the G550 (already huge) create an unforgettable atmosphere in flight. Even the spacious galley, equipped with everything needed to prepare delicious meals, has a window.

Gulfstream G650