Turboprop Regional Airliner



Maximum number of passengers 56
Optimal number of passengers 50
Cruise speed (km/h) 530
Maximum flying height (m) 7 600
Maximum take-off weight (kg) 19 000
Flying range (km) 1 500
Aircraft length (m) 25,7
Aircraft height (m) 7,5
Wing span (m) 24,7
Aircrew (pilots) 2

About Dash-8-300

Bombardier DHC-8 / Q series or Bombardier Dash 8 (also referred to as DHC-8) is a Canadian twin-engine turboprop short-medium haul regional transport passenger aircraft. The Bombardier DHC-8 is currently manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer.

Since 1996, the aircraft has been named as Q-series after the English ‘quiet’ due to the installed Active Noise and Vibration Suppression (ANVS) system designed to reduce noise in the aircraft cabin and decrease vibration to the level of turbojets.

One of the key features of this aircraft is operation on rough airstrips.

Prime Aviation provides air transportation services to the oil and gas industry from its base in Atyrau using Dash-8-300 and Dash-8-315 series turboprop aircraft.