Helicopters in Kazakhstan

Prime Aviation operates a fleet of Russian and Western helicopters equipped with modern on-board equipment in accordance with international requirements.

Helicopters Application Target in Kazakhstan

Prime Aviation’s targets are to consolidate Kazakhstani practice, international experience and forward-looking flight requirements for the oil and gas industry as well as to develop the most efficient and safe solutions and procedures and develop dialogue between aviation and oil and gas companies.

Throughout history, helicopter technology has been a traditional companion of the oil and gas industry. Our helicopters are used for the following:

  • reconnaissance and escort of ships in the roadstead;
  • monitoring of facilities and pipelines;
  • shift transportations and freight hauling;
  • emergency medical evacuation as well as search and rescue operations;
  • logistic support for offshore and onshore oil and gas drilling platforms.

Helicopter fleet in Kazakhstan

Prime Aviation owns MI-172 and MI-8 MTV helicopters that are used mainly by enterprises of the oil and gas industry, forestry and seismology, лесного хозяйства и сейсмологии, and AW-139 helicopter that is designed to service marine operations involving flights over the sea, landing on offshore drilling rigs and on water.

The implementation of helicopter flights in the interests of oil and gas companies is characterized by increased complexity: flights take place over long distances, over water, with landing on ships and offshore platforms, in conditions of icing, strong wind, etc. In this regard, additional requirements are applied to specialized Prime Aviation applies additional safety and performance requirements. An expanded set of radio-electronic, avionics and rescue equipment is used in helicopters. Flight officers undergo additional training.

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