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Prime Aviation is pleased to offer you a full range of professional aviation services both on the ground and in the air

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The successful planning of your route depends directly on a competent and proactive team with a wealth of experience and excellent skills to anticipate possible operational problems well before they arise. That is why the highly qualified staff of Prime Aviation, being such a team, will help you plan and solve all your issues related to the flight, including all actions from preparation to departure and further post-flight analysis.

+ Prime Aviation is a completely customer-oriented company that provides innovative and competitive solutions at all stages of cooperation, starting from the first introductory meeting and consultation to the selection of the aircraft type, its sale and purchase as well as the crew recruitment and aircraft registration, up to the aircraft operational or charter management.

Prime Aviation provides technical management along with scheduled line maintenance and defect rectification for third party customers.

Our engineers are trained by manufacturers to the highest standards and work in accordance with the Civil Aviation Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Civil Aviation Standards of Aruba, the Civil Aviation Standards of the Isle of Man and the standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

  • Technical management
  • Defect rectification
  • Repair of faults
  • Flight worthiness support services

Prime Aviation provides its customers with the ability to reduce their operational expenses through the commercial chartering of their aircraft.

This option could significantly reduce the aircraft maintenance costs.

  • Commercial Chartering
  • Charter Air Transportation

+ Prime Aviation offers full operational support, ground handling, parking arrangement, air navigation fees, flight permits and refueling services. These services are provided at the most important and busiest airports of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Almaty (UAAA), Nur-Sultan (UACC) and Atyrau (UATG). These services are available for all types of aircraft.

We also offer hangar parking services at the international airports of Almaty and Nur-Sultan, with 24-hour security that provides protection against adverse weather conditions. Hangar parking reduces the costs of aircraft de-icing, external washing, APU application and fueling and also provides conditions for the required maintenance.

  • Operational support
  • Hangar Parking
  • Payment of air navigation fees
  • Flight permits
  • Refueling services

With a highly qualified staff of employees who are professionals in all major areas of VIP air transportation Prime Aviation has the ability to provide consulting services on any relevant issues.

Consulting on a wide range of services:

  • Safety management system
  • Operating activity
  • Technical services
  • Technical manuals
  • Aircraft purchase, etc.

Providing turnkey services is one of the most important functions of the Company.

This implies a range of services, including advice on choosing an aircraft, its selling or purchasing and asset management as well as offering an aircraft for charter flights at the customer request.

All this leads to a detailed solution based on individual requirements.

  • Help when choosing an aircraft
  • Aircraft sale for charter flights
  • New aircraft management

Prime Aviation actively cooperates with other operators and may offer their aircraft to own customers at the rates that are much more profitable than market ones.

When our customers require to be provided with the aircraft rental services anywhere in the world, we may find the most suitable partner for them, inspect the documentation and ensure maximum comfort and safety.

  • VIP charter for corporations and individuals
  • Aircraft purchase and sale
  • Consulting on technical, legal and financial issues

+ Prime Aviation JSC provides aviation services to the oil and gas industry from its base in Atyrau.

Services are provided by Dash 8-300 and Dash 8-315 turboprop aircraft.

We also provide medical evacuation and airfield management services, including a full range of services in the oil and gas industry.

  • Air transportation
  • Medical evacuation
  • Airfield management

+ Prime Aviation specializes in providing a wide range of digital services using unmanned aerial vehicle technologies.

The Company services cover both aerial photography and data analysis.

The use of technologies for analyzing and collecting data from unmanned aerial vehicles allows effectively monitoring the state of the infrastructure, assessing the technical condition, analyzing the changes and making the best design decisions.

  • Photographic operations
  • Orthophotomaps
  • 3D simulation
  • Digital simulation
  • Infrared and thermal imaging by drones

Helicopter services provided by Prime Aviation cover the basic needs of hydrocarbon production companies and involve a variety of operations such as:

  • Transportation when changing shifts;
  • Freight transportation, including transportation on external sling;
  • VIP transport;
  • Assembly and construction;
  • Search and rescue;
  • Emergency, fire fighting;
  • Medical evacuation;
  • Control and protection of pipelines;
  • Geological exploration;
  • Monitoring, weather reconnaissance, control, communication, etc.

Our helicopters meet all the requirements for reliability, carrying capacity, safety, range ability and all-weather capability, and may also perform night flights.

Airbus A320
Global 6000
Challenger 604
MI 172
AW 139
Inspire 2 DJI

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