Passenger Helicopter



Number of engines 2
Length, both rotors turning (m) 25,31
Height, tail rotor turning (m) 5,54
Main rotor diameter (m) 21,3
Empty weight (kg) 7 514
Normal take-off weight (kg) 11 878
Cruise speed (km/h) 230
Operational range (km) 715
Number of passengers (persons) 26
Aircrew (pilots) 3

About MI-172

The MI-172 is designed to carry passengers. Special VIP modifications are also available. The improved MI-172 is equipped with avionics as follows:

    • Honeywell EDZ-756 electronic indication system;
    • Primus II, an integrated system of radio navigation and radio communication;
    • VG14/DG14 angular position measuring system;
    • P700 multicolor weather radar and DFZ-706 control system directory in the standard delivery according to FAR-29.

The spacious MI-172 cabin allows the installation of two rows of double seats with a central aisle for 26 passengers. Low noise and vibration levels together with the in-cockpit climate control system ensure a comfortable flight. The helicopter cabin has a luggage compartment, a wardrobe, a toilet, and convenient exits through the left and rear ladder doors.