Multipurpose Helicopter



Maximum flight altitude (m) 6 000
Cruise speed (km/h) 230
Maximum take-off weight (kg) 13 000
Fuselage length (m) 18,42
Fuselage height (m) 4,86
Fuselage width (m) 2,5
Main rotor diameter 21,3
Operational range (km) 620
Aircrew (pilots) 3
Number of passengers (persons) 22

About MI-8 MTV

The design of the MI-8 MTV is basically the same as that of the Mi-8T. The installation of more powerful high-altitude engines, a new power system and equipment allowed not only to improve flight performance, but also to expand the areas of application and regions of operation.

When creating the MI-8 MTV, a number of Mi-8Т units and systems were used. The tail rotor was moved to the port side. Passengers and cargo up to 4 tons can be carried inside the cabin. External load is designed for transportation of cargo up to 5 tons. A swing-out jib with hoist is installed inside the cargo compartment for mechanization of unloading and loading operations up to 300 kg. Helicopter has fixed-type landing gear. The rotor blades and tail rotor are equipped with electro-thermal anti-icing systems.

The design and equipment of the helicopter makes it possible to operate it autonomously on unequipped sites.