Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Inspire 2 DJI


Multicopter type quadcopter (4 propellers)
Maximum flight time (min) 28
Flight range (km) 5
Maximum speed (km/h) 108
Weight (g) 3 290
Control radio channel
Camera location built-in and external
Navigation system GPS, GLONASS
Compatible cameras Zenmuse X4S, Zenmuse X5S
Number of batteries (pcs) 2

Learn more about Inspire 2 DJI

The new DJI Inspire 2 is the highest performing consumer aerial video drone to date. Its frame is made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy. This combination reduces the overall weight and makes the drone more reliable.

The quadcopter is quite easy to control as it is partially automated and is very good at responding to commands. It can be controlled both from the remote control and from a smartphone or tablet through the special DJI GO app.

It is worth noting the excellent stabilization of the device in flight. It is achieved through a three-axis gyroscope. Stabilization is especially necessary during high-speed flights, sharp maneuvers and turns. All these maneuvers are performed by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control thus device rotates the 360 degrees to make the camera’s viewing angle the most optimal for video shooting.